Choosing an Epitaph for a Loved One

Deciding on an epitaph for a loved one can be a big responsibility. You and your family are experiencing a difficult time, and making decisions about memorializing someone can be challenging. […]

A Memorial is a Major Investment

Purchasing a memorial is a major investment of time and money and should be undertaken with great thought and care. The Tegeler Monument Companies (W.S. Tegeler Monument Co – westside and Loeblein Memorials – eastside) recommends careful and relaxed planning when purchasing a memorial. […]

Double Monument

How to Choose the Right Memorial

Choosing the right memorial to commemorate yourself or your loved one is an important decision. You want the memorial to reflect your loved one in a tasteful way. Right now, you probably have a lot of different questions running through you mind. […]

What is Cemetery Lettering?

If you have purchased a pre-need monument or marker and need to add an inscription, Tegeler Monument and Loeblein Memorials can help. Whether you need to add an entire panel or just a simple death date, we will make this process as easy as possible for you. […]

Choosing a Design for Granite Memorials

When deciding on a design for your memorial, you want to choose something that reflects the owner’s personality. Whether you are purchasing a stone for a loved one who has passed or ordering a pre-need stone for you and your spouse, it can be a tough decision choosing what to put on the stone. […]

What is Included in a Bronze Marker Purchase?

The names of your loved one(s) as well as their dates are included in the price of a bronze marker. When purchasing a bronze marker for two people, a companion bronze, the family name is included as well. […]

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What Add-ons are Available for Memorials?

When shopping for a memorial for your loved one, you want it to be as unique to their personality as possible. Maybe they had a beloved car or a favorite hobby that you would like to showcase on their memorial. […]