Choosing a Design for a Granite Memorial

When choosing a design for your memorial, you want to choose something that reflects the owner’s personality. Whether you are purchasing a monument grave marker for a loved one who has passed or ordering a pre-need stone for you and your spouse, it can be a tough decision choosing what to put on the stone. Tegeler Monument and Loeblein Memorials understands that this can be overwhelming, and we are here to help. Design options for a granite memorial can seem endless… and they are. Our granite monuments and markers are completely customizable. Whatever you dream up, we can make a reality. However, we have some useful tips to help you make a decision that you will feel confident in.


First, think of who the stone is for. Were they simple people who liked things to be very minimal? Or did they enjoy going all out? Memorials should be a window into the owner’s personality. You want to feature things that show who they were as a person, and even things that they loved.

Second, choose a color and polish. What color granite would you like to go with for your granite memorial? Georgia Gray is great for creating a simple memorial, while India Red is great for something bold. For a full list of our granite colors, please visit our Granite Color page. Next, you should consider which type of polish you would like to have on your stone.

  • Polish 2: Rock top and sides.
  • Polish 3: Polish top and rock sides.
  • Polish 5: All polish.

When it comes to polish, granite tombstone costs do range in price, but we typically recommend at least choosing Polish 3, polish top and rock sides. It is much easier to take care of and clean when the top of the monument is polished and smooth.   

Third, think about the layout. How would you like the layout of the stone to look? The classic layout of a granite memorial is to have the family name (last name) front and center towards the top. The names and dates would be places towards the bottom. Then, decide if you want the names to be in panels or skin blown onto the granite memorial stone (see diagram below).

With Panels

Without Panels

Fourth, choose the design. Typical designs for monuments feature flowers or foliage of some type in the top corners or stretching across the top center of the stone. Choosing your loved one’s favorite flower or opting for classic roses are always a great option. We can also add different emblems into the design such as cross, praying hands, etc. Or, if you would like something unique, choose an emblem that showcases one of your loved one’s hobbies. Did they absolutely love playing BINGO? Add a bingo card and dabber! Were they part of a club or alliance? Add the logo! Even if your loved one had a boat that they loved so much, we can put that boat directly on the stone so it will be with them forever.

Last, cameo or no cameo? Cameos can be a great addition to the design of a stone. A cameo is a photograph made of stainless steel and porcelain that we mount to your stone. The cameo can either be a picture of your loved one or even a photo of something they loved.

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