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W.S Tegeler Monument Co.

Helping families for more than five generations.

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We Come to You

We understand that right now is time for family, friends and loved ones to come together. We can meet with you when the time is right at your home, our office/showroom, or the cemetery, whichever is more convenient and comfortable for you.

A Wise Choice

We are a family business that helps you make a wise choice when it comes to monuments and remembrances. Our work and craftsman are located right outside Baltimore. This means our work is not shipped across country, subject to additional costs and possible damage. When work leaves our shop, it is shipped on our vehicle, installed by our people and guaranteed to be free of cracks or other issues.

A Family That Cares

The Tegeler Family has been working with people just like you for more than five generations. Experience has taught us that there is no greater calling than being of service to people in need. When you call us, you will speak with a person, not a machine, and a member of our family will respond.

Our Services

Why Choose Tegeler?

Right now, you don’t want to be taken advantage of. Right now, you need a caring and compassionate family that understands what you are going through. Right now, you want someone to come to you. To give you a fair and honest price without surprises. Since 1897, the Tegeler family has worked with people of all faiths to meet their particular needs. We manage the process, work with the cemetery, and insure your choice of remembrance will be installed at your loved one’s resting place as prescribed.

We will not ship monuments by any other means than a family-owned truck designed to specifically protect this most important investment from damage.

Look to our family to take care of yours.

Warm regards,
Walter S. Tegeler