Double Monuments

A double monument is one headstone that marks two graves. Double grave monuments are typically for a husband and wife but can also be for siblings, or any other people who are connected in life. Occasionally, one way to show the relation between the two people on the stone would be to put “brother” and “sister”, “husband” and “wife”, or “mother/father” and “son/daughter”.

Commemorating true love and everlasting companionship with custom-made double grave markers from Tegeler has never been easier. Let us assist you in creating finding a perfect, and also memorable, double grave memorial. At Tegeler, we have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available that will fit your taste, as well as your loved one’s taste. We install our double monuments on top of a concrete foundation. This will help prevent your monument from sinking.

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As a family run business for five generations, we understand the importance of family. We want to help you memorialize those who are truly special and mean the world to you. While you need a caring and compassionate family that understands what you are going through, Tegeler is available at any time for your convenience. Check out our gallery below for examples of Tegeler double monuments installed in cemeteries throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.

Enhance Your Companion Memorial

Did your loved ones have a mutual faith, career, or hobby? Then check out the wide variety of emblems and embellishments we have available in the gallery below. Reflect a special time, especially a wedding anniversary, on your double monument through various engraving and laser etching options. Additionally, we can transform your cherished photographs into porcelain cameos. Cameos are perfect for further enhancing the beauty and uniqueness of your double monuments.

Double Monument Embellishments & Accessories

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