Couples’ Burial FAQs

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Many couples wish to be memorialized together as a lasting tribute to their love and partnership. Families can visit and pay respects to both parents or grandparents in one intimate location, and that space can become a comforting place of remembrance. Not only is a couples’ burial a meaningful way to permanently preserve your bond, but it is also a cost-efficient option for many families. Read on for some frequently asked questions related to couples’ burials.

How Do I Purchase a Couples’ Plot?

Many cemeteries offer companion burial options and family plots. Speak with your spouse and your family before making any decisions. Once you have decided you would like to pursue this option, you should do some research. Identify some cemetery options in your desired area and speak to a representative. You will want to confirm with them that they offer burial options for couples before making any additional plans.

There are a variety of factors that usually go into choosing a cemetery, such as proximity to family, hometown, sentimental value, and religious reasons. Make the decision that seems best to you and conduct some on-site visits if you’d like to see the area. You might be able to view other companion plots in the cemetery and see how they are commonly laid out.

What Type of Plot Do I Need?

Companion plots may be side-by-side or “double-depth.” Many couples opt to have their caskets placed one on top of the other in a double-depth plot, as this is an affordable option requiring only one headstone or marker. If cremation is chosen, many cemeteries will allow multiple urns to be interred within a single plot. A couple may also choose to be buried side-by-side in two individual plots. In this case, two stones could be used, or one large marker can be placed over both plots. Whichever style you choose, your local grave monument company can help design the perfect tribute to your lasting bond with your loved one. Consult with your family and partner regarding casket and cremation options, as this can be a determining factor in the type of plot you choose and the memorialization materials you need.

What Happens If One Spouse Predeceases the Other?

If a double-depth companion plot has been selected, the partner who passes first will be buried beneath the other. Engravings can be customized and added according to the family’s wishes. Work with your monument company to decide the type of engraving you would like to have added to your memorial. A memorialization specialist can help you determine the style and other important details that are right for your marker.

What are the Benefits of a Couples’ Burial?

Generally, the more plots you buy at a time, the less expensive they will be. This can be a very helpful part of pre-planning for children and family who are left managing funeral costs and planning services. Taking some of the financial burden off family is a primary motivation for choosing a couples’ burial, in addition to the permanent memorialization of your union. Many people derive comfort from the knowledge that they will be interred close to their loved ones. Families can have intimate visiting experiences and feel close to both partners at the same time. Other family plots may also be purchased nearby, keeping more of the family close together. This space can become very comforting to grieving family members who wish to visit in the future and feel close to their predeceased loved ones. It can also act as a permanent remembrance for generations of your family.

Can Spouses Be Buried in Veterans Cemeteries?

When it comes to veterans’ cemeteries, rules vary somewhat based on the state. In Maryland, spouses are eligible for burial in veterans’ cemeteries. Minor and dependent children are also eligible. There are additional resources available to the families of fallen soldiers and veterans regarding internment and funeral costs. Compensation can be applied for through the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can find a list of Maryland veterans’ cemeteries here.

Will There Be One Memorial or Two?

Memorialization is a highly personal, customizable choice. No two couples are exactly alike, and choosing the right way to pay them permanent tribute should be a collaborative process. Depending on what you and your family desire, you might have one or two memorials for your couples’ burial.

Generally, one marker would be needed for a double-depth companion plot. You can choose to have your headstone company create two separate headstones for side-by-side plots, or you can choose one large grave marker. In companion crypts, caskets would be placed side-by-side. Mausoleum and above-ground options are also available. You can choose from flat stones, sculpted headstones, memorial benches, and much more. Your headstone can be made from a range of materials and colors and engraved to read whatever you choose. Special images, features, and religious symbols can be included to make your couples’ grave marker as custom and special as possible. Consult with a memorial service to determine the best option for you and your spouse and learn more about your engraving options.

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