Single Monuments

Memorialize an adored loved one with a distinctive single grave marker from Tegeler Monument. Get started today with creating the perfect individual headstone with all sorts of shapes, granite shades and embellishments.

At Tegeler Monument, we understand the tough time you and your family are going through. That is why we always make sure to do everything in our power to supply you with the best single monument headstones possible. We will even work with your cemetery to make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction. Tegeler Monument designs and manufactures all of our single monuments. A granite single monument is completely customizable and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. We have a wide variety of granite colors to choose from so you can memorialize your loved one perfectly with beautiful, lasting grave memorial stones.

Interested in a free, no obligation quote? Tegeler is a cemetery monument company with generations of experience. We help families create lasting tributes and design beautiful, custom headstones for their loved ones. We create monuments in Maryland and beyond. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 410-944-0300.

Vases, Emblems and Other Enhancements for Individual Headstones

Want a place to put fresh cut flowers in the springtime? Was your loved one in the armed forces or did they have a lifelong talent? With a variety of vases, emblems and other motifs, we can help you explore various design options to really make your loved ones burial monument stand out.

Embellishments & Accessories

Are you ready to create a stunning monument to memorialize your loved one forever?

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