Which Material Should I Choose for My Loved One’s Memorial?

Image of a granite memorial on Tegeler's website.

Deciding what material to use for a loved one’s memorial is an important choice. Whether you honor the departed with a monument, marker, or other options, choosing between granite or bronze can make a big aesthetic difference. Cost, upkeep, and durability also differ between granite and bronze memorials. Tegeler Monument Co. is proud to assist families in choosing the best materials for their tastes and needs. In fact, we bring more than 100 years of experience in creating and installing grave markers. Backed by that century of experience, let us guide you through some of the considerations involved in choosing the best material for your loved one’s memorial.

What Are the Benefits of a Granite Memorial?

Granite memorials hold some major advantages over bronze. First, granite is the most economical option. The cost of a granite headstone is manageable for many families that need to stick to a budget. But economy in no way comes at the cost of quality or aesthetics. In fact, granite will last forever, withstanding harsh weather elements. Composed of quartz, feldspar and mica, granite is also highly impact resistant, and it may be polished as desired to maintain its luster. Most patrons prefer granite for its overall beauty, hardness, and durability.

At Tegeler, we use only the finest granite from Elberton, Georgia. You may also choose from a variety of granite colors for your monument, headstone, grave marker, cremation memorial bench, or cemetery memorial bench. Granite is the most customizable option. Tegeler provides customized lettering and emblems through traditional sandblasting at no extra cost. And you never have to feel restricted in your emblem design. Tegeler Monument specializes in custom shapes for your granite headstone. You can even add bronze emblems or beautiful porcelain photographs to reflect your loved one’s life and passions.

Choosing a marker made from granite also provides the opportunity to choose from three major varieties. Granite Flush Markers lie flush with the ground and are required by some cemeteries for maintenance in perpetuity. Granite Bevel Markers are about the same size as flush markers, but are made from thicker granite that rises a few inches from the ground, and Granite Slant Markers are similar to headstones but smaller, with a slanted front. Each is customizable and made with the attention to detail, care, and craftsmanship that Tegeler Monument provides for every memorial.

When Should I Choose a Bronze Memorial?

Some patrons choose bronze markers simply for aesthetic preference. There is certainly an appeal in classical elegance and beauty of bronze. Modern technological advances have improved their longevity as well. Our bronze memorials are coated with a protective sealant that helps them retain their luster and beauty for years to come.

At Tegeler Monument Co. and Loeblein Memorials, we serve Baltimore with the following options for your bronze marker at no extra cost:

  • Full name of the person or persons memorialized with dates of birth and departure
  • Choice of two to three emblems
  • Choice of four borders
  • Choice of three emblems
  • Choice of three vases
  • Choice of design around vase and the corners
  • Choice of up to four additional words – example: “Beloved mother and sister”

The price of a granite and bronze marker includes a four-inch-thick gray granite base with the affixed bronze plaque. Imported granite, larger sizes, custom bases and specialty granite such as India Red or Dakota Mahogany are available with an additional fee. Granite backers in Kershaw Pink as pictured below are available for bronze markers.

Bronze markers

Are There Other Considerations in Choosing My Loved One’s Memorial?

Some cemeteries have restrictions overall or in certain areas. These restrictions may include restrictions such as granite memorials only or bronze memorials only. Some may have restrictions regarding the type of memorial, such as flush markers only, upright monuments only, or similar restrictions.

For reference, see our simple chart of cemetery regulations in Maryland.

What Other Customization Options Are Available?

We provide a wide array of customization options for our granite memorials. As mentioned earlier, our granite memorials may be customized by color of granite, emblems, or with photographs.

Furthermore, our quality etching provides further artful customization options for your loved one’s memorial. Lettering options include:

  • Skin blown
  • Frosted outline
  • Raised lettering

Many patrons will also wish to honor departed loved ones with fresh cut flowers. Occasions may include honoring the departed on certain anniversaries or simply bringing some color at the coming of spring. For this reason, Tegeler Monument provides flower vases in a wide selection of styles for any memorial you choose, whether granite or bronze. Our beautiful granite or metal memorial vases are available for customization.

Other Specialty Options for Your Loved One’s Memorial

Tegeler Monument Co. and Loeblein Memorials also provide a wide range of specialty work for your loved one’s monument. Granite cemetery benches provide a beautiful alternative to traditional monuments with a niche for cremated remains. Our custom mausoleums provide a breathtaking alternative to traditional below-ground burial. As custom builders, Tegeler can provide mausoleums of virtually any shape or size. And with the rise in popularity of cremation, you may also choose a custom columbarium, which serves much like a mausoleum for your urns. These may include bronze emblems and other customization options. In each case, be sure to review restrictions that may pertain to the cemetery of your choice.

Contact Us to Learn More About Memorial Options

Whether you choose granite or bronze for your loved one’s memorial, Tegeler Monument Co. and Loeblein Memorials are here to serve Baltimore County. We create every monument and marker with the same level of expertise, care, and respect, backed by over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship.

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