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Why Consider a Mausoleum?

When thinking about burial options, you may come across the mausoleum as an alternative to traditional in-ground burial. Tegeler Monument, known for constructing mausoleums in Maryland, is here to provide answers to your queries.

Whether you’re a family member interested in a mausoleum for a loved one or a church or cemetery looking to add this option, let’s explore why mausoleums can be a compelling choice and what Tegeler offers in terms of design.

A mausoleum is a structure with compartments (crypts) to house casketed remains. Here’s why people opt for mausoleums:

  1. Some prefer not to be buried underground.
  2. Above-ground structures protect casketed remains from the elements.
  3. Mausoleums offer shelter to mourners from weather conditions.
  4. Unsuitable soil conditions may rule out in-ground burials.
  5. Mausoleums are a dignified way to honor well-known individuals or family leaders.

While mausoleums aren’t typically as grand as the Taj Mahal, they can be a beautiful tribute for loved ones, accommodating multiple generations. Each person in a mausoleum has their own section with a casket, sealed with a covering serving as a marker. Personalization and decoration are possible, including name plates and dates.

Mausoleums are similar to columbariums, which house cremated ashes in urns. Mausoleums, however, hold caskets, offering an alternative to in-ground burials.

Are Mausoleums Beneficial for Cemeteries?

Cemeteries and churches often embrace public mausoleums as they provide diverse burial choices. These structures enhance the aesthetic appeal of cemeteries, especially when compared to traditional headstones or flat markers.

Public vs. Private Mausoleums

Mausoleums can be both private and public. Private ones are often commissioned by families and may house an individual or a group, with limited access. Public mausoleums, typically constructed by cemeteries or churches, accommodate multiple individuals and families, offering greater accessibility.

Mausoleum Design and Construction

Mausoleums are designed to be eye-catching and enduring structures. Tegeler Monument specializes in crafting mausoleums tailored to your vision, using either granite or marble for durability. These structures can be personalized with engravings, porcelain photos, or bronze emblems, allowing individuality to shine through.

Installation and body transport within the mausoleum are subject to cemetery regulations, with funeral homes handling body preparation, transportation, and internment.

In summary, mausoleums provide a unique and lasting resting place, offering options for both private and public use, with custom design possibilities to honor the departed while enhancing the cemetery’s aesthetics.




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