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As the preference for cremation continues to grow, many cemeteries and churches are seeking alternatives to traditional in-ground burials. One such alternative is the columbarium, a concept that might be unfamiliar to many. It’s time to turn to the experts for answers. Tegeler Monument, a leading columbarium builder in Maryland, stands ready to address all your inquiries.

Whether you represent a church or cemetery planning to construct a public or private columbarium or are an individual interested in a columbarium for a loved one or your family, Tegeler Monuments is your trusted builder. Keep reading to discover why columbariums have become a popular choice and explore the diverse design options available when working with Tegeler.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is essentially a mausoleum for urns. It’s a small to large structure that contains cavities (known as niches) which house the urns. These structures are often found at churches and cemeteries for both sensible and emotional reasons:

  • Columbariums create a place of remembrance to visit and memorialize the deceased
  • Each niche can be personalized, thereby helping the healing process of dealing with a loss
  • The structure holding the urns is an efficient use of space as it can hold many more remains than your typical cemetery plot
  • Columbarium burial is an affordable alternative to in-ground burial
  • For most people, a columbarium is the perfect place to store the cremated remains for future generations

Columbariums vary greatly in size. Some are built to hold just a few remains (perfect for a private family columbarium) while others hold upwards of hundreds of urns (ideal for larger, public cemeteries). Each person has their own niche in the columbarium. Each urn will be placed in the cut-out section of the wall with a permanent plate that will completely seal the urn in the niche. This covering is almost like the headstone for an in-ground burial plot. These columbarium plaques contain the name of the deceased, date of death and any other personalization and decoration that their loved ones would like.

Columbariums are similar to mausoleums, but mausoleums hold caskets rather than urns like a columbarium. Mausoleums are also a very popular alternative to the traditional in-ground burial.

Understanding Columbariums

A columbarium serves as a sanctuary for urns, akin to a mausoleum for cremated remains. It’s a structure, varying in size from small to large, housing niches designed to cradle urns. These columbariums are strategically placed in churches and cemeteries, serving both practical and emotional purposes:

  1. A Place of Remembrance: Columbariums provide a serene setting for remembering and honoring the departed. Visiting loved ones’ niches offers solace and a tangible connection.

  2. Personalization for Healing: Each niche can be customized, aiding in the healing process after a loss. Personal touches help keep cherished memories alive.

  3. Space Efficiency: Columbariums are efficient space-savers, accommodating a significantly larger number of remains compared to traditional cemetery plots.

  4. Affordable Option: Columbarium burial provides a cost-effective alternative to in-ground burial, making it accessible to many.

  5. Perpetual Storage: For many, columbariums offer an enduring place to store cremated remains for future generations.

Columbariums come in various sizes, from accommodating a few urns for private family use to housing hundreds in public cemeteries. Each niche has its own designated space, sealed by a permanent plate that acts as a headstone substitute, bearing the name of the deceased, date of passing, and personalization chosen by their loved ones.

Columbariums are distinct from mausoleums, primarily designed for caskets rather than urns, and they present a popular alternative to traditional in-ground burials.

Columbariums: An Asset for Cemeteries

The surge in cremations has led churches and cemeteries to seek meaningful solutions for the interment of cremated remains. As cremation becomes the preferred choice over traditional burials, columbariums prove to be a valuable asset. When thoughtfully designed with attractive aesthetics and elegant decorations, they provide a special place for loved ones to visit, enhancing the overall beauty of the space.

Public and Private Columbariums

Columbariums can serve both public and private purposes. Public columbariums are typically constructed by churches or cemeteries, offering plot owners flexibility in how they wish to memorialize their loved ones. These structures are designed to hold a range of individuals, each with their own niche, and are accessible for family members and friends to pay their respects.

Private columbariums, conversely, are often built at the request of a family or group. These are generally accessible exclusively to family members, friends, plot owners, and cemetery staff. They provide an intimate and private setting for the interment of loved ones.

Columbarium Construction and Design

Columbariums come in various shapes and sizes, each meticulously engineered to stand the test of time. When it comes to design, the possibilities are virtually limitless, and Tegeler Monument specializes in crafting custom structures to bring your vision to life.

Granite or Marble Columbarium

Given the long-term nature of columbariums, selecting the right materials is crucial for ensuring longevity. While marble has been a popular choice, granite has taken precedence in modern columbarium construction due to its durability and ability to maintain its luster. Tegeler Monument excels in working with both granite and marble, offering custom-designed columbariums in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Columbarium Plaques & Engraving

One of the most vital components of any columbarium is the columbarium plaque. These plaques enable niche owners to personalize their “headstones,” preserving the memory of the deceased for generations to come. At Tegeler Monument, we offer numerous options for columbarium plaques:

  • Laser Engraving: Text, images, photographs, and designs can be engraved on both the inside and outside of the columbarium niche.
  • Bronze Emblems: We can embed bronze emblems representing religious symbols, hobbies, careers, organizations, and more into the columbarium plaque.
  • Porcelain Photographs: Mounted photographs on the plaque serve as poignant representations of those resting within the columbarium niche.
  • Weather-Resistant Granite Plaques: These plaques withstand all weather conditions, ensuring your loved one’s legacy endures.

The design possibilities for columbarium plaques are virtually limitless, and we are here to assist you in crafting a columbarium that resonates with your vision. Tegeler Monument is responsible for constructing and installing the structure, provided cemetery regulations permit. However, the placement of urns is managed by the funeral home, and we can offer recommendations on sizing and placement. The funeral home is responsible for preparing, cremating, and interring the remains within the columbarium.

In summary, columbariums offer a lasting and meaningful resting place for cremated remains. Their durability, customization options, and aesthetic appeal make them an excellent choice for preserving the memory of your loved ones for generations to come. Tegeler Monument is here to bring your vision to life and create a heartfelt tribute that stands the test of time.




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