What Add-ons are Available for Memorials?

When searching for a memorial headstone or marker that truly reflects your loved one’s personality, you want it to be as unique and special as possible. At our company, we understand this sentiment and offer various options to enhance and personalize your loved one’s memorial. Here are some additions you can consider to make their memorial truly exceptional:


Vases are a popular addition to any memorial grave marker, as they serve as a beautiful way to display flowers when visiting your loved ones. We provide options for matching granite vases or metal vases to suit your preferences. These vases not only protect the flowers from lawnmowers but also contribute to the visual appeal of the memorial.

Granite Vases and Metal Vases

Our granite vases and metal vases are designed to accommodate both real and artificial flowers. Each vase is equipped with a removable liner that retains water for real flowers. Furthermore, all our vases feature a drain hole to prevent water from accumulating and freezing inside the vase during winter, which could lead to cracks.

In-Ground Vases

In-ground vases are commonly used with granite flush markers and bronze markers. These vases differ from regular vases as they can be flipped upside down and stored in the ground when not in use. Typically, we utilize in-ground vases for flush markers to ensure their protection from lawnmowers when not in use. Similar to other vases, in-ground vases have a drain hole and come with a removable liner.

Additionally, in certain cases where there is limited space on the base, we can install an in-ground vase directly in front of a monument or slant marker.

These customizable vase options offer you the opportunity to beautifully adorn your loved one’s memorial with their favorite flowers, showcasing your enduring love and remembrance.


Cameo photos are becoming more and more popular among memorial headstone designs. Cameo photos are made from stainless steel and are scratch, chip, and fade resistant. Cameos are perfect for those who wish to see a photograph of their loved one each time they visit.

Once a cameo is ordered, we send the photograph to the manufacturer for a proof. Once we receive the proof, we send it to you for your approval. We will not order the cameo until you are 100% satisfied with how it looks.


Etchings are great for adding more detail to your loved one’s memorial. Photo Etchings are laser etched directly into the stone and they are not done in-house. Etchings are perfect for adding objects such as a car with full detail, a ship or even a photograph of your loved one if a cameo is not appeasing.

Once an etching is ordered, we send the photo and the granite down to Georgia. We will create a drawing to show you what the etching will look like on the stone. Once the drawing is approved by you, we will have the etcher do the work to the stone.

Etchings are typically recommended for very detailed designs and can be done in color or black and white.

When you’re prepared to embark on the journey of creating a personalized and affordable headstone for your beloved, we are here to guide you every step of the way. If you have any inquiries or are eager to begin, contact us today. Our dedicated team members are readily available to assist you and will promptly get in touch to address your needs.

At Tegeler, we understand the significance of crafting the perfect memorial for your loved one. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to provide a seamless and supportive experience throughout the process. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure that the headstone created is a heartfelt tribute to the life and memory of your cherished individual.

By working with us, you can tap into our wealth of knowledge and experience in creating personalized headstones in Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and beyond. We are well-equipped to answer any questions you may have, provide guidance on design choices, and offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. Our goal is to ensure that the headstone we create together is a lasting symbol of love, respect, and remembrance.

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