What is Included in a Bronze Marker Purchase?

A Bronze Marker is a flush marker that is made from bronze and typically have the design, name(s) and dates casted directly onto the bronze. Most cemeteries require having a granite backer on the bronze. This means that the bronze marker will be mounted to a piece of granite before being installed in the cemetery. Some cemeteries are Bronze only cemeteries. For more information about your cemetery, check our Cemetery Regulations page or give us a call: Tegeler Monument (410) 944-0300 or Loeblein Memorials (410) 284-7404. Bronze markers are customizable, within some limitations, so you can make a truly unique bronze to memorialize your loved one(s).

What is included in the price?

The name(s) and dates.

The names of your loved one(s) as well as their dates are included in the price of a bronze marker. When purchasing a bronze marker for two people, a companion bronze, the family name is included as well.

Your choice of 4 borders.

You can choose from 4 different borders to have on our bronze marker. Typically, we recommend either the Woodgrain or Rock borders. While it looks nice, the Bevel border (solid gold border) will show scratches easily. Some specific designs only allow you to use the border pictured in the design. Please ask our associates if the design you are interested in only allows for a certain border.

Your choice of a design.

There are a plethora of designs to choose from for your bronze bronze memorial marker. An example of a design would be a rose spray in each of the bottom corners and also around the vase hole (if you opt for a vase).

Your choice of up to 3 emblems.

Emblems can be added to the bronze tombstone to make it even more personal. These emblems can reflect your religion or the deceased’s relationship. Even a hobby or career path. Some cemeteries so require that you have a religious symbol on your bronze marker. An example of an emblem would be praying hands, a cross, a military emblem, or wedding rings with an anniversary date.

Your choice of 3 vases.

There are three different vases to choose from, if you opt for a vase.

Up to 4 additional words.

You are allowed to add up to 4 additional words to your bronze marker. These words could be something like “Always in Our Hearts” “Beloved Mother & Grandmother” or anything else that means something to you and your family. You may exceed the 4 additional words, but each word will cost an additional price. For help deciding on what to put on your bronze, visit our Verses and Quotes page.

A Bronze marker is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one. Tegeler offers affordable bronze grave markers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. If you are ready to get the process started, please call us or fill out our online contact form for a free quote.

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