Granite Grave Markers

Granite is a material that withstands the test of time. If there is ever a good time to invest in a strong, durable, lasting material, it is when memorializing a loved one. Granite headstones and markers resist even the harshest weather conditions and are especially easy to clean with only a little water and soap. In fact, carved granite has been known to last up to 500 years. Unlike other popular materials, the mineral patterns in granite maintain their original white, pink, blue, green, and gray colors. It is not susceptible to sun fade or contortion due to extreme weather.

Granite is made up of three main elements: feldspar, biotite, and quartz. Quartz is considered one of the hardest materials on Earth. Granite is also extremely dense, as its molecules are heavier and packed together tightly. This makes it more difficult to cut and carve, but a great choice for a headstone or memorial.

Choosing a granite grave marker is a smart investment and a great way to permanently honor a person who has passed. It is easily customizable and can be used to make a beautiful, elegant, long-lasting tribute that will not be easily damaged. Choose from a range of colors and shades depending on the way you want to remember your loved one. This versatile material can be carved, etched, and engraved via a range of different techniques so that your stone can be customized with words, symbols, and/or images. We can help you make selections about the look and feel of the granite headstone or memorial so that it is perfectly tailored to your vision.

View some examples of granite grave markers provided by Tegeler Monument Company below.