Crafting Lasting Memorials: Tegeler’s Expertise

In the realm of memorialization, Tegeler Monument Company stands as a symbol of craftsmanship, purpose, and community. We believe that memorials are the heart of remembrance, and in this guide, we explore the essential principles guiding the creation of cemetery monuments. Join us in understanding the significance of these timeless tributes.

The Heart of MemorialsMemorials are the heart of remembrance. They allow us to honor loved ones and reflect on our history. At Tegeler, we believe in crafting memorials that evoke emotions and connect people.
Know Your PurposeUnderstanding your purpose is key. Whether it’s a family memorial or one for the community, the message should be clear. For example, our serene family memorials provide a place for solace and connection.
Location MattersChoose a location that speaks to the heart. Tegeler’s historic sites in Baltimore add depth to your memorial. The setting should resonate with the story you want to tell.
Design with MeaningEvery design element should serve a purpose. Our marble memorials, for instance, exude timeless elegance and reflect the significance of the individual or event.
Embrace TechnologyIncorporate technology thoughtfully. QR codes linking to online tributes can enhance the visitor experience, sharing more about the person’s life.
Community InvolvementAt Tegeler, we encourage community involvement. Collaborating with the community adds layers of meaning to the memorial. For instance, our community projects have brought people together for a shared purpose.


List of Memorials – Tegeler Monument Company:

• At Rest
• In Heaven
• Gone Home
• My Trust is in God
• Forever with the Lord
• They are Not Dead
• Death is Another Life
• We Will Meet Again
• Absent, but not Dead
• Gone, but Not Forgotten
• In After Time We’ll Meet Her
• Christ is My Hope
• To die is Gain
• God Defends the right
• May He Rest in Peace
• Thy God Has Claimed Thee as His Own
• He has Gone to the Mansion of Rest
• There is Rest in Heaven
• With Christ in Heaven
• Not My Will, But Thine Be Done
• In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions
• He Has Kept the faith
• One Worthy of Remembrance
• Sleep Undisturbed Within this Peaceful Shrine
• They Gave Their today for Our Tomorrow
• I Triumph in Death, as in Life
• Forever Honored and Forever Mourned
• Love Illumes the Realms of Night
• To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die
• Death – That Golden Key That Opens the Palace of Eternity
• Death Loves a Shining Mark
• His Record is on High
• Tho’ Lost to sight, to Memory Dear
• Death is the Crown of Life
• Not Lost, but Gone Before
• Asleep in Jesus
• Beloved One, Farwell
• Meet Me in Heaven
• His Memory is Blessed
• Resting till the Resurrection Morn
• Prepare to Meet Me in Heaven
• Earths Brightest Gems are Fading
• He is not Dead, but Sleepeth
• Dying is but Going Home
• He is at Rest in Heaven
• None Knew Thee but to Love Thee
• She Was the sunshine of Our Home
• Thy Trials ended, Thy rest is Won
• Resting in Hopes of a Glorious resurrection
• How Desolate our Home Bereft of Thee
• Death Is Eternal Life, Why Should We Weep
• An Honest Man’s the Noblest Work of God
• A Tender Mother and Faithful Friend
• We Trust Our Loss Will be her Gain and that With Christ She’s Gone to Reign
• The Rose May Fade, the Lilly Die, but the Flowers Immortal Bloom on High
• She Faltered by the Wayside and the Angels took Her Home
• Faithful to Her trust, Even Unto death
• What Hopes Have Perished with You, My Son
• …Well Done Good and Faithful servant
• In Sure and certain Hope of The Resurrection
• Forever in Our Hearts
• A Good Friend to All
• Thanks for the Memories
• In Loving memory of…
• Beloved…
• Tenderly We Treasure the Past, with Memories that will always last
• Your Presence We Miss, Your Memory we Treasure, Loving You Always, Forgetting You Never
• Loving You is Easy, we Do it Everyday, Missing You is Heartache, that never goes Away
• Loving memories of One So Dear, treasured Still with a Love Sincere, In Our hearts She’s Living Yet, We Loved Her Too Dearly to Forget
• He Died as He Lived – A Christian
• Let Our Fathers Will Be Done
• In Thee, O Lord, Have I Put My Trust
• He Was Beloved by God and Man
• May He Find Joy in the Life Everlasting
• Sheltered and Safe From Sorrow
• Thy Life was Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love

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