Children’s Epitaphs

Choosing children’s epitaphs can be an incredibly difficult challenge. The loss of a child will inevitably cause a great deal of anguish and sorrow. While grieving takes time, the child’s memorial will need to be planned to honor their life and provide comfort and remembrance for their family.

Below are some examples of epitaphs that might be considered for headstones for children’s graves:

• Gone so Soon
• Our Loved One
• Gone to be an Angel
• Gone to a Better Land
• Darling, We Miss Thee
• The Lovely Flower Has Faded
• Blessed Are the Early Dead
• Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
• He carries the Lamb in His Bosom
• Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Thee
• Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Thought
• A Fairer Bud of Promise Never Bloomed
• How Soon Fades the Tender Flower
• A Sunbeam from the World Has Vanished

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