Cemetery Restrictions

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When choosing a monument for a loved one, it’s important to be aware of any cemetery restrictions that may affect your decision. Cemetery rules and regulations can vary widely depending on the cemetery and its location. Some common restrictions include:

Monument Size

Many cemeteries have specific size restrictions for monuments. These restrictions may be based on the size of the burial plot or the location of the plot within the cemetery. It’s important to check with the cemetery before choosing a monument to ensure that it meets their size requirements. Tegeler Monument Company can help ensure you’ve selected the appropriate monument size for any cemetery in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or D.C.

Material Restrictions

Some cemeteries have restrictions on the type of materials that can be used for monuments. For example, certain cemeteries may only allow monuments made from granite, while others may allow a wider range of materials.

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Design Restrictions

Cemeteries may also have restrictions on the design of monuments. Some cemeteries may only allow certain types of designs or may have specific requirements for the inscription on the monument. This could be impacted by things like religious affiliation of the cemetery or whether the cemetery is historic. Other cemeteries require a religious emblem to be included on every headstone and monument.

Installation Restrictions

All cemeteries require that all monuments be installed by a professional monument company. This is to ensure that the monument is safely and properly installed. Work with a reputable headstone service in your area to ensure you comply with this restriction.

Maintenance Restrictions

Finally, some cemetery restrictions include maintenance of monuments. Some cemeteries may require that all monuments be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure their longevity. Find out what the cemetery requires in terms of maintenance before buying a plot. You’ll want to make sure you are able to keep up with these requirements in the long run.

Decoration Restrictions

Cemetery restrictions may be related to the types of decorations that can be placed on graves or monuments. Some cemeteries may only allow fresh flowers or certain types of artificial flowers, while others may prohibit balloons, candles, or other types of decorations. If this is an important factor for you, ask your monument company about this. Some cemeteries also have a clean up day where they go around and remove all of the decorations from graves and throw them away. It’s important for people to have that communication with their chosen cemetery so they are aware of the clean up day and can remove their decorations beforehand if they want to keep them.

Placement Restrictions

Some cemeteries may have restrictions on the placement of monuments within the cemetery. It may be required that all monuments be placed in a specific area or that they be set back a certain distance from the road or other graves. Tegeler can help you choose the best location for your loved one’s monument to ensure it meets your cemetery’s requirements.

Inscription Restrictions

In addition to design restrictions, some cemeteries may have restrictions on the content of inscriptions. For example, they may not allow certain religious symbols or offensive language. You will want to check with the cemetery to ensure that the inscription you choose for your loved one’s monument meets any requirements.

Permitting Process

Some cemeteries may require a permitting process before any monument can be installed. This process may involve submitting design plans, obtaining approval from the cemetery board, and paying a fee. A quality monument and gravestone company will handle submitting all of the paperwork to the cemetery, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Timeframe Restrictions

Some cemeteries may have restrictions on the timeframe for installing a monument after a burial. This may be due to the settling of the ground or other factors. It’s important to check with the cemetery to ensure that you are aware of any time restrictions and have enough time to choose and install a monument.


By understanding and adhering to cemetery restrictions, you can ensure that your loved one’s monument is a beautiful and lasting tribute that honors their memory while also respecting the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

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By being aware of these cemetery restrictions, you can choose a monument that meets the requirements of the cemetery while also honoring your loved one’s memory.

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